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Rhino-Seal provides our Web site visitors with videos that illustrate some of the modern techniques we utilize in specific repair instances. Although these videos are not of actual Rhino-Seal repair they demonstrate the same exact procedures.

A high speed Internet connection is recommended since some of the videos are lengthy. 

CLICK HERE to veiw BIORESTOR truck in action!

CLICK HERE for educational demonstration of BIORESTOR!

CLICK HERE for demonstration of BIORESTOR flexibility!

CLICK HERE for informational video on BIORESTOR (This Video orientated for our customers that want to hear some important details on large parking lots)

CLICK HERE for infrared repair. This shows an actual infrared repair of damaged asphalt surface utilizing recycled asphalt, rejuvenator, and fresh asphalt. Resulting in a seamless repair with no cold joint. This video is worth waiting for the download!

CLICK HERE for an example of state of the art hot crack repair featuring the MA-10 hot crack seal machine and the KM crack jet cleaner.

CLICK HERE for a demonstration of the pavement texturing procedure that is available to our customers.

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