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There is a lot of controversy in the seal coating community over the best type of sealer to use. The main types are coal tar base, asphalt base, and asphalt emulsions (which have many variations). At Rhino-Seal we look very carefully at all aspects, with top quality in mind.  We feel that coal tar is the way to go, and that is the base for our unique design, (formula).

Our product is a coal tar base, with 3-4 pounds sand per gallon. (which improves skid resistance, and helps it to last longer) plus additives, that give it a deeper flat black color.  Rhino-Seal is unique in the fact we can modify our design to accommodate special situations with the use of polymers, and/or extenders.  If we need to "speed up" the drying time, we can do that too. We have additives that can make it more oil and gas resistant.

The special mixes require special ingredients which are moderately expensive so should be used only when the need arises, as it increases the price of the "custom design mix".

We buy tractor trailer loads of the concentrate base mix, and design the mix at our own facility.  Then we deliver the mix to the specific clients, where our trained personnel complete their specialized application. We install the product either by brush, by hand, or by the spray method, whichever will provide the best results for THAT job.

Keep in mind that your sealer is "the frosting on your cake".  You have already spent a considerable amount of money on your pavement, with installation of the asphalt, and cleaning. Why would you ever want to put less than the best on your asphalt for a finish. We feel we HAVE the best, and we have several years of repeat customers who can attest to that. !!

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