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Municipal equipment RHINO-SEAL is very pleased to announce our entry into the municipal services arena.  Our initial service areas will include Oxford, Franklin, and northern Androscoggin counties. The condition of most of our streets and roads is deteriorating drastically. With the rising cost of asphalt driving the price of overlays out of reach, what is a municipality to do ?

At Rhino-Seal we have an answer! An Asphalt Maintenance Program that will restore and extend the life of your current pavement for many years. If you can stop water intrusion into the pavement, you can normally arrest the degradation of the asphalt.

We offer the following services:


Most crack sealing companies work by the pound, or by the ton. The problem with that approach is that it is very hard to visualize.  How many cracks can you fill with so many ton of material ? The average cost is around 7700 pounds of crack seal for $10,000 The problem is, how far will that take you on your project?  It is very hard to plan using a "guesstimate"!

RHINO-SEAL sees this differently, and is ready to assist you with a better plan, We will come and measure your cracks, and give you an exact price per. street, road, or parking lot. (or any combination) That way you know exactly what you are going to pay, for exactly which street.

Do you have several streets in need of maintenance?  Rhino-Seal will break the price down so it will help to establish a multi-year maintenance plan to keep your asphalt under control, and within budget.


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Winter is very hard on most streets and roads. Pavement is breaking up and new potholes are forming daily. To keep cold patching these pot holes means repeatedly filling the same potholes time after time. This puts an additional burden on the maintenance crew, to say nothing about the additional, repeated, man hour, equipment, fuel, and cold patch costs. The average pothole gets refilled 3-4 times a year.

By design, cold patch is made so that it does not harden for six to nine months. That is done so it can be handled in small amounts by hand.  Once it is placed in a pot hole, that advantage turns against you in the fact that it still does not harden, and gets beat back out of the hole by traffic before it can.!  Is there a different approach?  We at Rhino-Seal think so.

Rhino-Seal has trucks and trailers that are fitted for pothole repairs by being able to keep the asphalt hot in the vehicle. They are also equipped with compactors, cones, and the necessary hand tools to accomplish the job.  Once the repair has been made, it is compacted, and the hot asphalt cures to 90 % of the maximum hardness within the first 2-24 hours. (depending on season) Obviously, this is a more expensive initial repair, but it is a one time cost, so, in reality, it is more cost effective, in the long run, than cold patching!

If you are interested in this service, RHINO-SEAL will meet with you and look over the job, mark out the areas to be done, and give you an exact figure on the cost.


Pothole Repair!


In the State of Maine RHINO-SEAL is a leader in infrared services. Infrared recycles asphalt in place.  This is done thru a process of reheating of the asphalt, adding rejuvinators when necessary, and additional hot asphalt for a seamless repair of the problem area.  Rhino-Seal has factory trained technicians, who undergo constant upgrade training for the latest methods in this cutting edge technology.

Infrared is a very cost effective measure on several different repair areas such as catch basin repairs, culverts, frost heaves, large cracks, etc.

For pictures and a full explanation see the INFRARED section of this Web site.


Please consider this: "PROPER MAINTENANCE COSTS MUCH LESS THAN REPLACEMENT                                                                                  


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