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Rhino-Seal has taken on a new product for the State of Maine. It is an environmentally friendly asphalt sealer with unique qualities. It is endorsed by the Federal DOT and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Bio-Preferred Program, and approved by the federal GSA for government projects, including airports, Approval # GS21F-132AA.


• It is 100% biodegradable and also contains 0 PAHs.

• Made from agricultural oils including corn, soy bean oil, and polymers.

• Seals the surface against water penetration, providing a stronger longer lasting wear sureface and stops the suns UV rays from extracting vital asphalt components.

• Creates a chemical barrier that locks out the effects of salt, and calcium chloride deposits that accelerate the aging of Asphalt.

• No re-striping necessary due to its transparent finish.

• Substantially extends pavement life (up to 3 times) with proper maintenance.

• Keeps the pavement temperatures down to reduce expansion, and contraction factors that cause initial cracking of Asphalt.

• Prevents and can reverse harmful oxidation factors from your asphalt pavements.

• Clear and does not affect pavement marking, no sand or cover aggregate.

• Penetrates and cure in as little as 20 – 30 minutes –minimal road closure.

• 100% agricultural oils – no imports – treat every 3-5 years to indefinitely extend pavement life.

• Environmentally friendly and no harmful runoff – keeps out water by as much as 50%.

• Laboratory age testing (5 years) shows up to 45% improved flexibility test results.

• Reduces age hardening of binder resulting in extended life – increased flexibility.

• Polymer enhanced for a tougher pavement.

• Patented.

BIORESTOR® is a patented biobased product designed to protect new asphalt pavements from the effects of oxidation, age hardening and cracking, as well as older asphalt pavements as long as the pavement has not failed structurally. BIORESTOR® has been uniquely formulated to improve penetration, viscosity, and stability values of the treated asphalt. Since it is a clear material, line striping is still very visible after treatment. No aggregate or sand needs to be applied since BIORESTOR® completely penetrates into the pavement. This equals no broken windshields or chipped paint on vehicles. Depending on the atmospheric conditions, the material is completely dry in about 20-30 minutes, reducing road closure time.


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