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RHINO-SEAL is a local product that is custom blended for the job with special additives, and polimers. The customized formula is well known for outlasting other hardware store type sealers. RHINO-SEAL is known for its deep black finished appearance. RHINO-SEAL is different from the average company in MORE  than just Product. We also have our own methods & policies, that have proven superior over the years.

First, The trucks are equipped with several thousand dollars worth of specialized tools that give the trained crew the ability to produce a superior job for the client.

Second, The client is automatically carried on our database which enables us to automatically check the clients asphalt from time to time, and contact client when attention is needed.

Third, We provide GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP, and a 2 year guarantee on our hot crack sealing process. (which is second to none)

Fourth, We carry a liability policy for the protection of our Clients, and full insurance on our men, and equipment.

Fifth, We also have the ability to recycle asphalt in place with our Infrared asphalt heater and hot box asphalt dispenser to fix bad spots in your pavement.

Remember this! Anyone can give you a cheaper price (they know what their work is worth) but no one can do you a better job!!!

We are not a "job to job" contractor, we are the largest stocking dealer of asphalt maintenance products in Western Maine. Our Supply yard includes storage facilities for an excess of 10,000 gallons of asphalt sealer, in  addition to, stocking hot crack seal products, oil spot primers and traffic paint, Black Beauty and sand, asphalt aggregate mixes, both re-heatable and cold, propane gas, various asphalt sealer additives and extenders, along with various related hand tools and supplies.

We are equipped to handle any job from a few hundred square feet, to millions of square feet. From residential driveways, to miles of roadway, or acres of parking areas. Our fleet includes enough trucks, trailers, and specialized equipment to tackle most any job in our field. We don't "run out and rent", when we have a job, we own our equipment.

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