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Our mission is to provide the best asphalt maintenance service possible to the people, businesses, and municipalities of Oxford, Franklin, and northern Androscoggin counties. We utilize a combination of superior trained workmen and sales consultants who are knowledgeable in the industry. Rhino-seal Services is comprised of a complete fleet of cars, trucks, trailers and a host of specialized restoration and recycling equipment allowing us to offer a full line of asphalt maintenance services from basic repairs and parking lot rejuvenation to finish coating, and line striping.

When and if Rhino-Seal discovers better products, we make the appropriate changes because with Rhino-Seal quality comes before price.  There are plenty of companies out there that offer CHEAP prices - they know what their work is worth. Our work is rarely cheapest, because despite some advertising claims, you cannot buy the BEST for LESS!  Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten!                      

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Rhino-Seal does not provide paving services, BUT we are in contact with some of the best pavers in the state of Maine. For paving, please use our estimate request form and we will gladly refer you to a reliable paving company.

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